Photo of Keith A. Link

From paint to pixel.

Keith Link has embraced the visual arts in many forms over the years. He studied graphic design, multimedia and animation at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. These creative passions continue to converge in pursuit of what he considers honest art. Art that intrigues, evokes emotion, distills a subject to it's essence. His eclectic style leans toward the surreal and abstract.

The broad strokes…

  • Keith Link started his professional life at an indie record label where he designed and nutured the complete brand experience of each artist on the roster.
  • Co-Founded Sessionville, a resource designed to help musicians learn, grow and create.
  • Designer / Co-Founder of Fervr Design, a company specializing in graphic design, Web development and branding.
  • Keith currently resides just outside Philadelphia with Sharon and a rather mischievous blue point Siamese cat named Am. He's hell-bent on writing the Great American Novel — in as few words as possible.